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Question from the Inbox: What happened to the TEA Commissioner’s proposed rules regarding D and F ratings and the proposed rules on STAAR EOC Substitute Assessments?

TEA Ruling: On December 31, 2019, TEA withdrew the proposed rules regarding the Needs Improvement Rating (Ds and Fs).

Brief summary of TSA actions: Members will recall that the Commissioner proposed the “D and F rules” in June, TSA submitted written comments on the proposed rules in July, and then TSA was invited to provide testimony to the House Public Education Committee on October 28 where legislators were asked to support TSA’s recommendation that TEA withdraw the rules and allow current statute to apply until legislators meet again during the 87th legislative session.

TEA Ruling: On February 7, 2020, TEA removed all references of lowering a district’s accreditation status based on an overall D rating.

Brief summary of TSA actions: This second set of proposed rules involving a Needs Improvement rating and a district’s accreditation status was proposed by the Commissioner in August and once again, TSA recommended that the agency withdraw the proposed rules and allow current statute to apply until legislators meet again during the 87th legislative session.

TEA Ruling: On February 14, 2020, TEA removed the proposed language that would require students to take and fail an EOC at least once before being eligible to use a substitute assessment to meet graduation purposes.

Brief summary of TSA actions: And for a third time, TSA recommended that the agency eliminate the proposed language and allow current statute to apply.

Thanks to each of you for your feedback, input, and comments on TEA’s proposed rules. As shown above, TSA’s voice matters when it comes to education policy decisions.

We also appreciate the agency’s willingness to listen and make changes on the proposed rules based on public comments.

TEA Requests Comments on Proposed Rules regarding Industry-Based Certifications for Accountability

ICYMI… TEA is proposing that, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the list of industry-based certifications to be used for academic accountability ratings will be provided in the annually adopted accountability manual.

The proposed amendment may be accessed here. The public comment period ends March 16, 2020.

TEA Issues Call for Expert Reading Panelists

TEA is seeking applicants for the HB 3 Expert Reading Panel.

According to the agency’s website an Expert Reading Panelist’s responsibilities include:

  • Define the authorized provider selection rubric

  • Serve on a quality assurance work group

  • Establish inter-rater reliability with other expert panelist

  • Agree to the statement of work and level of effort during the designated review panel windows

For more information about the application process, please see TEA’s website here.

Save The Dates

The response to TSA’s February ZOOM meeting was overwhelmingly positive! So our next TSA Strategic Staff meeting will also be held via ZOOM on April 1. Stay tuned for more details.

TSA Superintendent Meeting – April 8 in Austin

TSA Strategic Staff Meeting – May 6 in Austin

TSA Superintendent Meeting – May 13 in Austin

Breaking News for Busy People

“The STAAR test doesn’t measure what we need it to measure: Whether kids are learning in school”

Dr. Walter Stroup, former University of Texas at Austin professor, and his colleague from SMU, Dr. Anthony Petrosino, wrote an opinion article below in response to the University of Texas / Meadows Center STAAR Readability Study. Accountability experts may remember that Dr. Stroup testified to the House Public Education Committee in June 2012 and was the first to provide scientific evidence and publicly state, “that what the tests measured was not what students have learned but how well students take tests.” And now with this new op-ed, it appears he is ready to pick up right where he left off in 2012. Read the full article here.