Texas School Alliance

A superintendent-led education organization comprised of 45 school districts across
the State of Texas representing over 2.2 million Texas public school students.

TSA Represents:

41% of all students in Texas

44% of the state’s economically disadvantaged student population

51% of English Language Learners

About Us

The Texas School Alliance (TSA) is a school district member organization that comprises 45 school districts in Texas and educates 41% of the state’s total enrollment.

As a superintendent-led organization, we utilize a thorough process to research and consider significant education policy issues of the day – ranging from school finance to teaching and learning to assessment and accountability. We also study specific topics and work to promote and support issues that will improve educational quality for Texas students, particularly those in large and urban districts.

Our members cover the breadth of Texas’ geographic expanse, with members from the Rio Grande Valley to the Texas Panhandle, from near the eastern border to far west Texas. The membership includes urban, mid-urban, and city- town districts and includes school districts that are both property wealthy and property poor.

Texas School Alliance leaders have served on numerous statewide select committees, appointed boards and commissions over the past thirty years.

TSA prides itself on being an informed, rational, and honest ortanization that attempts to serve as a trusted resource to all, including the Texas Legislature.  When appropriate, TSA invites speakers either from the Texas Education Agency or from the legislature to attend meetings and share information with member districts. The organization’s officers serve one-year terms. The 2022-2023 president is Dr. Brian Woods, Northside ISD Superintendent. Dr. Curtis Culwell is the Executive Director.

2022-2023 Leadership

Dr. Brian Woods

Dr. Brian Woods


Northside ISD

Ms. Magda Hernandez

Ms. Magda Hernandez


Irving ISD

Dr. Marty Crawford

Dr. Marty Crawford


Tyler ISD

Dr. Ricardo Lopez

Dr. Ricardo Lopez


Garland ISD

Dr. Ken Gregorski

Dr. Ken Gregorski


Katy ISD

Dr. Stephanie Elizalde

Dr. Stephanie Elizalde

Past President

Dallas ISD

Years Established

School Districts

Dr. Curtis Culwell

Dr. Curtis Culwell

Executive Director

Dr. Curtis Culwell began his 37-year public school career as an English teacher, later becoming a high school principal and central office administrator. He served as superintendent in Pittsburg Texas, Lubbock Texas, and Garland Texas. Dr. Culwell has also been appointed to numerous statewide commissions, including the 2010 Select Committee on Public School Weights, Allotments and Adjustments and the 2006 Tax Appraisal Committee, which reviewed the tax appraisal system for the entire state. Dr. Culwell has twice been elected as president of the Texas School Alliance and was appointed by the Governor to the State Board of Educator Certification. He was also a long-time member of the University Interscholastic League Legislative Committee. He has worked as a Superintendent search consultant with districts including Lubbock ISD, Burleson ISD, Millsap ISD, and Brownsboro ISD.


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