Texas School Alliance

A superintendent-led education organization compromised of 43 school districts across The State of Texas representing over 2.25 million Texas public school students.


About TSA

The Texas School Alliance (TSA) is a school district member organization that comprises 43 of some of the largest school districts in Texas and educates 40% of the state’s total pupil enrollment.

Our members cover the breadth of Texas’ geographic expanse, with members from the Rio Grande Valley to the Texas Panhandle, from near the eastern border to far west Texas. The membership includes urban, mid-urban, and city- town districts and includes school districts that are both property wealthy and property-poor.

Every child in Texas Public Schools matters. Get involved!           


TSA Calls For Teachers To Be Deemed Priority Group For COVID Vaccine Distrubution

TSA sent a letter to Governor Abbott and Commissioner Morath asking that Texas teachers be considered a priority group in the vaccination distribution process.

Letter to Texas State Board of Education on New Charter Approvals

The Texas School Alliance and 20 other education organizations submitted a letter to Commissioner Morath requesting to veto new charter awards in Texas.

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