Positions & Issues

Texas School Alliance works on issues that will improve educational quality for Texas students, particularly those in large and urban districts. To that end, we focus on the following issues and espouse the following positions.

86th Legislative Session Statements

TSA's comment on Proposed rule changes to 19 Texas Administrative Code Sections 100.1010 and 100.1033

The proposed change to Section 100.1010 alters the framework for measuring the performance of an open-enrollment charter school, and the proposed change to Section 100.1033, among other modifications, provides for the framework’s use in considering charter amendments.

Who’s really failing — students or STAAR?

Last week, Texas Monthly published an article, Are Texas Kids Failing? Or Are the Tests Rigged? that sheds light on what many reading and literacy experts believe is the misalignment between the reading TEKS and reading STAAR tests. 

TSA's Testimony on SB 3 by Senator J. Nelson

TSA appreciates this opportunity to submit written testimony to the Senate Finance Committee and voice our appreciation and concerns regarding SB 3 by Chair Jane Nelson.

Who's Really Failing - students or STAAR?

Texas teachers’ assessments indicate students are performing on or above grade level. STAAR scores say thousands of students are reading below grade level. Two studies reveal that the written, taught, and tested curriculum standards are misaligned, and students are caught in the middle.

Detailed Finance Priority Positions

Local funding, especially revenue from the growth in the property tax base of school districts should supplement, not supplant State funding.

Assessment & Accountability

The Texas School Alliance (TSA) believes that the public education accountability system needs improvement, not abandonment. The system should be designed in a way that satisfies federal requirements as itmoves all students towards postsecondary readiness.

TSA Overview

The Texas School Alliance (TSA) is a school district member organization that comprises 37 of the more prominent school districts in Texas and educates 40 percent of the state’s total pupil enrollment.

Overall Finance Priorities

The system of public school finance needs reform. TSA proposes three primary principles that guide our recommendations pertaining to quality finance reform.


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