Texas School Alliance

We represent 2.2 million kids in Texas Public Schools.

TSA Priorities

School Finance

Teacher Pay

Workforce Development

Special Education

Student outcomes

Early Childhood


TSA's Legislative Priorities

The Texas School Alliance recommends that the legislature provided additional funds to Texas public education.


60 X 30 Texas

To create a connected pathway for Texas students to enter school and come out at any point to enter the workforce requires tighter collaboration and integration among K-12, higher education, business/industry, and the State.


High Quality Teachers

Students deserve the best teachers, thus Texas must provide funds for competitive salaries for teachers across the state.

Every Student Matters in Texas Public Education

The Texas School Alliance (TSA) is a school district member organization that comprises 40 of some of the largest school districts in Texas and educates 40% of the state’s total pupil enrollment.

The TSA covers the breadth of Texas’ geographic expanse, with members from the Rio Grande Valley to the Texas Panhandle, from near the eastern border to far west Texas. The membership includes urban, mid-urban, and city- town districts and includes school districts that are both property wealthy and property poor.

Texas School Alliance leaders have served on numerous statewide select committees, appointed boards and commissions over the past twenty-seven years. The TSA has been a valued partner to senators and House members throughout the legislative process. When appropriate, the Alliance invites speakers either from the Texas Education Agency or from the legislature to attend meetings and share information with member districts.

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